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Manufacturers of Custom Handmade Classic American Pool Tables Since 1975.

"When only The Best Pool Table Quality will do"  

*****Tables Starting @ $1095*****


Attention!! All our beatiful pool tables are now on SALE @ Discounted Prices!! Including a Basic Accessory package. Plus our professional Delivery & setup services for FREE in the local area of Fremont and the east bay cities. We also Guarantee all our pool tables for 7 Years on all woodworking and finishes applied...

****2018' Pool Table Sale****

Table in Pictue is priced @ $1755 as you see it......

"Custom Handmade Classic Styled American Pool Tables in many options offered"

Creating Superior Tables Since 1975 





*1 Man Operation*

*Just keeping it Simple*

*With that personal touch*


8 GREAT reasons why you should buy a Admiral Pool Table:

1}. We build all our tables using "Solid State     Unibody Contruction methods. We do not use any metal Brackets in the Body srtructure.......

                                                                                        2}. All  tables have the "Float the Bolt &          washer"system to bypass the slate backing, therefore using a shorter bolt. Thus making it  a much stronger rail connection. Also creating a quiet sound when balls strike rail cushions.

3}. Externalized slate tie downs {12 in all}. For those easy slate adjustments after the table is completely set up....any questions - just ask...

4}. We use NO metal brackets in the contruction of your pool table.

5}. 3 - 3/8"German Engineered Propel Nuts in each rail, to guarantee that tight rail connection to the slate.

6}. Rail cushions used are a Euro Styled K66 Profiled canvas back type from Velocity that is rated #2 in the world.And they are 98.5% pure Maylasian Rubber.These cushions will give you fast response and quiet play..

7}. We also build our own quality rails from scratch!!!

8}.Accessories are hand picked to provide great quality Cues - Balls -Triangle - Chalk -Bridgestick - Metal hook for triangle on table.


*So as you can see, we are a self contained business and we provide all our own parts in house. While you our customer, will be given choices in creation process of your pool table.

*Plus we will give you a grand tour of our shop and showroom, and answer all questions you my have.

*We specialize in the 4x8 Regulation Home sized unit in the Antique Style. All tables come with leather drop pockets and 4 individual legs.

*Room size needed to fit your table is 13' x 17'

maximum and 12' x 16.5' minimum.

**We Guarantee all our tables for 7 years on the Craftmanship/Woodworking and Life Time on the 3pc Genuine 1" slate beds.**



                 Pool Table prices starting from:        $1095  

"With Douglas Fir Tapered Legs in a Natural Finsh."


 *On Time Local Delivery*

*Professional Installation*

*3.5 Hours Set up time*

*Accessories are Included*

     *When setup is completed,     

      you are ready to play pool !!!

 All you need to do, is choose your Cabinet or Body Style, Stain Color, Pockets, Leg Style & Cloth color........                             

When Designing & Creating your pool table, you will have choices in 8 different areas as offered below will affect the price of your table.We can help you to understand the pricing enhancements.


  Table Style.....{7}

  Leg Style........{6}

  Cloth Color....{30}

  Stain Finish....{9}.....Check out our new Purple Stain

  Pocket Style...{4}Leather Shields.

  2-Tone Stain Finish.

  2-Tone Cloth Combo.

  3-Tone Stain Finish.( New Stain Finish combination )

 Note: If you have any questions concerning the options and choices given, feel free to give me a call @510 489-4932. I will be happy to answer all your questions & concerns.... David.                                                      NOTE: If I am not in for some reason, please leave me a phone number and the reason for your call, Please leave your message and I will promptly return your call.


Visit our workshop and watch us build 'em!

Admiral Pool Tables!

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Company Profile

          Hello, My name is David Driskell . We are a 1 man operation here in the Hayward area. Admiral Pool Tables has been in the business since 1975. My late partner Dennis started this business originally in Texas, then moved to San Jose, California and finally settled here in Hayward. I started to work for him in 1985. I have been here ever since. Admiral Pool Tables has been in business in the Hayward area for 35 years now to date. Over those years we have made 3000 tables or more. We are a "FactoryDirect"- "High Quality Pool Table", manufacturing business. There is only one way to make our pool table, "The Right Way". If you would like to come and see our facilities, by all means. We will gladly give you the tour of our shop and showroom and answer all your questions you may have.


       We would also like to welcome you to our web-site. You will find that this site is easy to navigate and very informative, not to mention with lots of pool table pictures to look at also. The prices are posted for your convenience. So please check it out, and let us know what you think of it.


        Not only do we make pool tables, we also have a wide selection of accessories for sale, such as...Affordable quality made Cue Sticks, Cue Cases, Ball Sets, Table Cloth{Fabric},Dart Supplies,Pool Room Furnishings, Pool Lamps, Cue Racks{Floor & Wall}, Table Pockets and Teaching Aids For Beginners - Experienced players, Foosball Games & Shuffleboard. Just to name a few. Let us be your one stop shopping store for all your pool table and gameroom needs. We have great prices on all these items. As for cues, we will give a great price, plus we allow our customers to try out cue choices on our pool table in the showroom. you can't know what you want otherwise.We carry a very nice line of cues for your inspection. As for cue repair such as a tip repair or ferrule replacement, I am the guy for you. I will do a professional job every time. A tip replacement will take only 20 minutes to do, and I do it right. Check me out.  David.....


Pool Table Warranty.

       The warranty we give on our tables is 7 years on the craftmanship and LifeTime on the 3pc genuine 1" thick 3 piece slate bed. As for the Leather Drop Pockets - Rail Cushion Rubber and Table Cloth is concerned, due to the possibilities of human errors, abuse and such, we do not warranty these items the same way. As long as you treat the table as a pool table and nothing more, these items should last a lot longer. Under normal use, the table will last up to 30 years or more........... 



              The construction materials we use to build your pool table is of the highest quality, we do not use CDX Plywood or Particle Board type materials because it can weaken the tables ultimate foundation. All pool tables built here, are built of the best materials possible. Such as, MDF from Weyerhauser, Solid Red Oak from Lane-Stanton&Vance, #1 Red Oak Plain Slice 7 layer Veneer from Global Wood Co. And Solid Red oak Rail Cap Rails, Aprons{Blinds} and Red Oak Crown moulding from Meyers Moulding Co. Last but not least, OSB{Oriented Strand Board}, one of the finest construction materials to date. We use this in our sub-frame, leg supports, shadow boxes, and cross members. So as you can see we do not cut corners and give you only the best possible pool table you will ever buy.


        The pockets we use are provided to us by West State Billiards, these are genuine No.#6 Iron leather-drop pockets w/Shields. The rail cushion rubber is from Level Best and is the fastest K-66 profiled malaysian gum rubber we have ever had, therefore making your table fast, quiet and very responsive, you will love how it plays. Most importantly is the fact that we will stretch the cushion rubber up to 3/4" to increase the bounce response off the rails. The cloth we use is from Championship. It comes in 2 types, 21oz Invitational Teflon coated or 24oz Tour edition. A most excellent playing cloth. You will have 30 colors of Invitational to choose from and 9 colors of Tour Edition to choose from also. When you purchase a table from us, you will automatically recieve Invitational cloth with the table. All you have to do is choose your color.


So what do you think? Did I give you enough information to get you curious? or to even make that all important decision?  I hope I have. Well anyway, go ahead and check out my site, and see what you think of it. If you have any questions at all, please give us a call @ 510 489-4932 or email us @  cueball2@pacbell.net.  And you have a great Day...David


Let us simplify your billiard needs!

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Admiral Pool Tables, Inc.
30139 Industrial PKWY S.W. #A
Hayward, California 94544
Phone.....510 489 - 4932

Fax No.....510 489 - 1511

Shop Hours:

  Monday thru Friday..... 1:00pm to 8:00pm

Saturday...... 10:00am to 8:00pm

Sunday....... 12 noon to 8:00pm

Or call for an Appointment.

Email - cueball2@pacbell.net

*Out Of State Shipping Limitations*

Concerning all Pool tables to be shipped out of state. Due to the high cost of shipping here in California, we are not able to do it at a reasonable cost to you the customer.We urge you to contact us for more information on this topic. My contact phone number is 510 489-4932 ask for David..

And also, The cost to crate and prep the pool table for shipping will cost anywhere from $389 to $475 depending on who is going to do the job.........If you want to set up your own people to pick up the pool table, you can do this also....

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